Rose Winterizing

Roses in Ground​

Quick Tips:
  • Most important if you live in an area with a harsh cold winter.
  • Adding protection to the base of your rose helps your planted roses through winter.
  • A good method of doing this is by piling 2 to 3 inches of leaves or mulch up around the base.
  • For added protection once snow has fallen, don’t hesitate to shovel snow on top of the already applied layer of protection. This snow will add more protection as well as help insulate the plant from fluctuating temperatures.
  • In spring, remove any extra leaves or mulch that may be covering the plant too deeply.

Roses in Containers​

Quick Tips:
  • If you have potted roses outside the best practice is to move the roses inside to a cool dark place, such as a basement or a garage. It is best to do this after the first few frosts have already passed.
  • Periodically check on your roses to insure they do not completely dry out. Move them back outside when spring rolls around and there is no longer frost forecasted.