Rose Planting: In Container

1. Pick a Pot with Drainage​

Choose a container at least two sizes larger than the size of the pot the plant was currently in to give it room to grow. Select a pot with drainage or drill holes in the base to allow water to flow out.

2. Add Potting Soil​

Place multiple scoops of potting soil into your container. Adding some composted manure in the pot is a great idea. Mix the composted manure with the soil in the pot.

3. Add Rose to Container​

Remove the rose from the current container and place it in the pot. Ensure that the base of the plant is straight.

4. Fill in Soil around Plant​

Add soil around plant, leaving only 1½ inches at the top of the container. Make sure the soil you’re adding is loose. If you’re adding composted manure, add some more as you’re filling in the soil.

5. Place in a Sunny Spot​

Your rose will need at least 6-8 hours of sun each day, so choose a sunny spot to place your container.

6. Water Your Rose​

Water your rose thoroughly around the base of the plant, making sure the water soaks in. Repeat twice weekly or as necessary. Plants in containers tend to dry out more easily than plants in-ground, so be sure to check your rose frequently. You’ll want to keep it moist, not allowing it to dry out.