Our Process

Growing Roses the Riem’s Way

For generations, our family recipe for growing quality roses remains the same. We pride ourselves on developing a 2 year process for growing rose bushes that bloom for years to come. Without giving away all of our secrets, here’s how we grow.
Our process begins with planting seedlings in our field located in Southwester Ontario. Riem’s seedlings are wild roses called multi-flora. This understock gives us the disease resistance and hardiness we require in our exceptional roses.
A few months after planting the seedlings, we do a process similar to grafting called budding. Budding is the process we use to multiply our roses. A bud eye is taken from under a leaf from the stem of a flowering rose, cut and inserted into the base of a seedling.
Once the budded seedling has gone through the winter in our field, we remove the wild top and leave only the roots and the bud, which allows the bud to grow into a beautiful rose bush.
In late fall we harvest the roses. We sort them according to quality and store them in a climate-controlled room over winter. In spring, the roses are potted, which is 2 years after the seedlings were planted.
The roses are then put into our greenhouses to bring them into leaf and finally shipped to your favourite garden centre to be enjoyed by everyone.